Surefire way to get to the top of the keyword results. Surefire SEO will manage a Google AdWords campaign for you that will generate conversions.

PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a fast and easy way to get highly targeted traffic to your website at a relatively low cost. However if managed incorrectly, you can miss many opportunities to convert your visitors into paying customers and it can quickly become a cash sinkhole with very little return on your investment.

Our PPC Management services make sure that you effectively use your budget to: get the most qualified visitors to your site, get searchers clicking on your ads and make sure they are provided with the page that is most likely to convert them into a paying customer. It includes:

  • Keyword Research

  Research the most keywords that are likely to give you the highest ROI

  • Bid Optimization

  Bid on the most effective amount that best uses your budget and drives the most qualifed traffic to your site

  • Landing Page Creation

  Creating relevant, user friendly pages based that best represent what your site offers

  • Writing and Testing Ad Copy

   Writing and testing different versions of Ads that ensure the most “clickthroughs”


Our PPC Management packages are charged on a flat rate of 15% per month of your monthly PPC budget.

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