The Power of Video

With Google's acquisition of Youtube, having a video on your web site provides you with valuable content for your web site. Create a video commercial, Flash movie, or creative video that will appeal to your audience. It's no secret video on a web site is not the future, but now.


Karl Stelter Studios is an end-to-end video production company that specializes in producing story-driven commercials and promotional videos for small businesses.

We believe by incorporating a strong, unique narrative into your business marketing, you separate yourself from your competition and give your clients a chance to connect with you on a personal level. This connection is critical, especially for small businesses, because it lays the foundation for a strong rapport with your client.

Our process is simple. We want to understand your business, how it works, and what makes you different. We then translate that information into an idea, and collaborate with you to write a script that addresses the hopes, fears, and dreams of your target client.

We are passionate about working with small businesses, and if you are interested in finding ways to convert your increased online visibility into even more revenue, we would love to work with you.


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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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